Tap City's Preservation Award

On July 12, 2001 The New York City Tap Festival - Tap City 2001 presented their first awards. The NY Committee and Marda Kirn received the first Tap Preservation Awards and Gregory Hines received the first Hoofer Award.

Earlier in 2001, Al Heyward and Carl Schlesinger received the Preservation of our Heritage-American Dance Award from Oklahoma City University's School of American Dance & Arts Management. The school created the award as recognition of excellence in our American dance history by honoring those people who have supported American dance through their advocacy. These are the spokespeople for American dance and its preservation through the years and into the new millennium.

Without these writers, historians, and champions, the world would be less aware of the uniquely American dance forms and the talents involved. It is through their diligence and dedication that American dance remains in the hearts and minds of the American public and the world. 1999 marked the inaugural presentation of the Preservation of Our Heritage-American Dance Award. Melba Huber, Sali Ann Kriegsman, Jacqui Malone, and Robert Reed have received Preservation of our Heritage-American Dance Awards in past years.